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Generic Name: Infliximab

Medication Guide: PDF Download

Administration Guide: PDF Download

Basic Step-by-Step: 


**ALWAYS establish patent IV access and flush PRIOR to mixing medication**


  • Obtain a clear/clean space to prepare your bag of Remicade.

  • Pharmacy will provide syringes and needles to prepare medication. Be sure all the necessary supplies are available to complete infusion from beginning to end. 

  • You will need IV start supplies, syringe, needle, and sterile water for reconstitution, bag of NS, tubing (gravity tubing or pump tubing if using a pump).

  • Reconstitute each 100mg vial with 10ml of Normal Saline.

  • Swirl gently to mix.

  • Add Remicade to Normal Saline bag and mix gently.


  1. Take baseline vitals and document basic assessment.

  2. Spike the bag of Remicade & set med up on pump to infuse over 2 hours.

  3. Monitor patient for any adverse reactions.  Take vitals one hour into infusion and record.

  4. Record vitals every 15 minutes for the 1st hour, then hourly thereafter.

  5. Record vitals 5 minutes post infusion.

  6. Record lot numbers and expiration dates for vials used.

  7. Disconnect patient, flush line, and remove IV. Place pressure bandage at site. 

  8. Clean and dispose of used supplies.

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