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01/27/2022: Top 10 Documentation Issues

01/11/2022: Wage Agreement Reminder

01/03/2022: Exposure / Infection Reporting Tool


12/21/2021: IRS Notice 1454: Additional Instructions to Form W-2

12/16/2021: Holiday Payroll Deadline Moved Up

12/10/2021: Logiforms Users - Program Glitch

12/06/2021: Lab Facility Map (online)

11/10/2021: RN Referral Contest

11/18/2021: COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

11/10/2021: Documentation Instruction Links

10/15/2021: Specialty Supply Form (Now Online)

10/26/2021: Scheduling Patient Visits on Time

10/25/2021: New RN Wage Agreement 

09/20/2021: Referral Response Incentive

08/18/2021: COVID Education & Vaccine Attestation

08/06/2021: Microsoft Teams Training Videos

06/26/2021: *New* Non-Standard Visit Note

05/03/2021: Introducing Logiforms: Electronic Charting

05/21/2021: Memorial Day Payroll Processing

04/19/2021: HHC Staff Resources Webpage

04/06/2021: Feedback Wanted

02/25/2021: Nurse Referral: Bonus Incentive Program