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Generic Name: Eculizumab

Medication Guide: PDF Download


Administration Guide:  


  • establish IV access prior to mixing any meds

  • make sure you have everything you need to complete infusion before you begin

  • confirm your medication dose against the medication label and orders

  • reach out to HHC first (not the Pharmacy) with any questions


**NEVER** tell a Patient you have not given this medication before



  • Soliris is supplied in liquid form in a glass vial.


  • Obtain a clear/clean space to prepare the medication.

  • Be sure all the necessary supplies are available to complete infusion from beginning to end. You will need IV start/ port access supplies, Soliris vials, sterile syringe and needle, 250ml bag of Normal Saline for dilution, tubing (gravity tubing or pump tubing if using a pump.)

  • Be careful when injecting the medication in the bag not to inadvertently puncture the bag.



  • Using appropriate aseptic technique, you will mix Soliris to a 1:1 ratio with the NS.

  • Soliris is prescribed in 600, 900 or 1200mg doses.

    • 600mg = 2 vials = 60ml (dilute with 60ml of NS)

    • 900mg = 3 vials = 90ml (dilute with 90ml of NS)

    • 1200mg= 4 vials = 120ml (dilute with 120ml of NS)

  • In most cases, the Pharmacy sends a 250ml bag. You will remove the necessary amount of NS in order to leave the volume that equals the patients Soliris volume.

    • In some cases the pharmacy has already removed the appropriate amount of NS from the bag. Check to see if this is the case prior to removing.

  • Example: Patient is to receive 1200mg of Soliris. This will be 4 vials (30ml each) which yields a total medication volume of 120ml.

    • You would remove and discard 130ml of NS from the 250ml bag in order to leave 120ml of NS in the bag.

    • Then you would inject the 120ml of Soliris medication into the bag for a total volume of 240ml.

  • Follow the above steps or adjust as needed for a 600mg (60ml) or 900mg (90ml) dose.

  • Gently invert the bag in order to distribute medication evenly. DO NOT SHAKE.

  • Spike the IV bag with the proper pump or gravity tubing





  1. Take baseline vitals and document basic assessment.

  2. Establish IV and mix medication.

  3. Spike the bag of Soliris & prime line.

  4. Infuse as ordered over 35-60 minutes.

  5. Record vitals every 15 minutes and post infusion.

  6. Record lot numbers and expiration dates for vials used.

  7. Disconnect patient, flush line, and remove IV. Place pressure bandage at site. 

  8. Clean and dispose of used supplies.

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