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Generic Name: Teprotumumab-trbw

Medication Guide: PDF Download

Administration Guide: PDF Download

Basic Step-by-Step:   


**ALWAYS establish patent IV access and flush PRIOR to mixing medication**


  • Tepezza is supplied as a powder in a glass vial.

  • Obtain a clear/clean space to prepare the medication under aseptic technique.

  • Be sure all the necessary supplies are available to complete infusion from beginning to end. 

  • You will need:

    • IV start/ port access supplies

    • Tepezza vials

    • sterile syringe and needle

    • Sterile Water for reconstitution

    • Normal Saline bag for dilution

    • tubing (gravity tubing or pump tubing if using a pump)

    • in-line filters with 0.2 micron pore size is optional for this medication

  • Using appropriate aseptic technique, reconstitute each vial of Tepezza by adding 10ml of Sterile Water to each vial.

    • Direct the stream of liquid to the side of the vial.

    • Rotate the vial gently in a swirling motion until the contents are completely dissolved.

    • DO NOT Shake. Solution should be colorless or slightly brown, clear to opalescent with no particulate matter.

  • From the bag of NS, remove the volume of saline equal to the amount of reconstituted Tepezza solution to be placed into the bag.

  • Inject medication into the bag of Normal Saline.

    • Gently mix the contents. DO NOT shake.

  • Spike the IV bag with the proper pump or gravity tubing


  1. Take and document baseline vitals. Document basic assessment.

  2. Infuse Tepezza (1st & 2nd dose) over 90 minutes or per order. 

    1. Subsequent infusions can run over 60 minutes if patient tolerates

  3. Take and document vitals at 30 and 60 minutes, then 5 minutes post-infusion.

  4. Document lot numbers and expiration dates for all vials used.

  5. Disconnect patient, flush line, and remove IV, placing a pressure bandage at site. 

  6. Clean and dispose of used supplies.

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