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Generic Name: Natalizumab

Medication Guide: 

Administration Guide:

Basic Step-by-Step:   


**ALWAYS establish patent IV access and flush PRIOR to mixing medication**



  • Obtain a clear/clean space to prepare the Tysabri.

  • Be sure all the necessary supplies are available to complete infusion from beginning to end.  You will need IV start supplies, syringe, needle, and a bag of NS (usually 100ml), tubing (gravity tubing or pump tubing if using a pump).

  • Inspect the Tysabri vial for particulate material and discoloration prior to dilution.

  • Withdraw 15ml of Tysabri from the vial using a sterile needle and syringe.

  • Inject the concentrate into the 100ml bag of Normal Saline.

  • Gently invert the Tysabri solution to mix completely. Do not shake.

  • Allow solution to warm to room temperature.


  1. Take baseline vitals and document basic assessment.

  2. Spike the bag of Tysabri & prime line.

  3. The pump should be pre-programmed by the pharmacy to infuse the total volume over approximately 1 hour.

  4. Record vitals every 15 minutes for the hour, then 30 and 60 minutes post infusion.

  5. Record lot numbers and expiration dates for vials used.

  6. Disconnect patient, flush line, and remove IV. Place pressure bandage at site. 

  7. Clean and dispose of used supplies.

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