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Generic Name: Ibalizumab-uiyk

Medication Guide: PDF Download

Administration Guide: PDF Download

Basic Step-by-Step:   


**ALWAYS establish patent IV access and flush PRIOR to mixing medication**


  • Use aseptic technique to prepare Trogarzo for IV infusion.

  • Inspect the Trogarzo vial for particulate material and discoloration prior to dilution. It should appear colorless to slightly yellow.

  • Select appropriate number of vials (200mg/1.33ml) required to prepare the dose.

    • Loading dose =  2000mg (10 vials)

    • Maintenance doses = 800mg (4 vials)

  • Remove the flip off cap from the vials and wipe the top of the vial with an alcohol swab.

    • Withdraw 1.33ml from each vial to obtain the total dose.

    • Transfer dose into a 250ml bag of NS. Gently mix.


  1. Document baseline vitals. Document basic assessment.

  2. Allow solution to warm to room temperature

  3. Spike the IV bag & set up medication to infuse.

    • Loading doses should go in over no less than 30 minutes

    • Maintenance doses should go over no less than 15 minutes.

  4. Once infusion is complete:

    • Disconnect patient & flush line with 30ml of NS

    • Remove IV & place a pressure bandage at site. 

  5. Document another set of vitals 5 minutes post infusion.

  6. Document lot numbers and expiration dates for all vials used.

  7. Clean and dispose of used supplies.

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