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  • LABS SUPPLIES (syringes, tubes, alcohol swabs, blunt tip needles, etc.) are provided in your car kit.



  • LAB REQUISITION FORMS are completed by HHC office staff and sent to you prior to the visit.

    • You have the option of either printing the requisition and orders to have in hand during drop-off at the lab (highly recommended) or if you don’t have access to a printer, we can fax the paperwork directly to the lab drop location.

  • LabCorp facilities are preferred when labs are drawn during regular business hours, non-STAT and a LabCorp location is conveniently located.

  • Hospitals are the secondary choice for lab drop off as the process can vary by location and take more time. We will assist you in dropping labs at your closest hospital facility when necessary.

  • If labs are ordered for an IVIG patient, the labs need to be drawn PRIOR to infusing.

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