agency CLINICAL policies

Read the orders & instructions provided in the home by the dispensing pharmacy!
Orders & pharmacy instructions/protocols supersede Agency policy.


Section 7: Risk Management

  • 7A.13 Patient Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation

  • 7B.2 Standard Precautions

  • 7B.4 Personal Protective Equipment

  • 7B.6 Hand Hygiene

  • 7B.8 Bag Technique & Equipment Maintenance

  • 7B.10 Sharps Injury Protection Plan

    • 7B.10a Sharps Injury Report​

  • ​​​

Section 8A: Clinical Practices

  • 8A.0 Storage & Disposal of Medications & Supplies

  • 8A.2 Medication Orders and Administration

  • 8A.4 Medications Pre and Post Infusion Therapy

  • 8A.6 Medication Reactions and Side Effects

  • 8A.8 First Dose Protocols & Administration

  • 8A.10 Emergency Medications & Interventions

  • 8A.14 Obtaining Labs & Communicating Results

  • 8A.20 Start of Care Education Practices

  • 8A.22 Enteral Education Practices

  • 8A.24 Wound Care Education Practices

Section 8B: Pumps & Drug Administration

  • 8B.0 Administering IV Medications: Dispensing

  • 8B.2 Administering IV Medications: Delivery

  • 8B.6 Manipulation of Vials & Ampules

  • 8B.10 Medication Administration Teaching 

  • 8B.12 Chemotherapy Takedown Education 

  • 8B.14 Hydration Therapy Education 

  • 8B.20 Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG)

  • 8B.22 Subcutaneous Immune Globulin (SCIG)

  • 8B.24 Remicade & Biosimilar

  • 8B.26 C1 Esterase Inhibitor Products for HAE

  • 8B.28 Coagulant Blood Products for Bleeding Disorders

Section 8C: Vascular Access Devices

  • 8C.0 Blood Draw Practices & Procedures

  • 8C.2 PICC & Central Line Dressing Change

  • 8C.4 Removal of Non-Tunneled Catheters

  • 8C.6 Accessing & Discontinuing Implantable Ports

  • 8C.8 Peripheral Access & Removal

  • 8C.10 VAD Flushing & Maintenance

  • 8C.18 Non-Dialysis AV Fistula Graft Access & Care


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