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  • The Visit Note Portal is the required method for clinical charting and submission of all clinical documentation (i.e. "visit notes"). 

    • CLICK HERE to login to the Visit Note Portal (also referred to as 'Logiforms')

    • CLICK HERE to view various Visit Note Training Videos (on YouTube)

    • CLICK HERE for FAQs about the Visit Note Portal and electronic charting.

    • CLICK HERE for links to download/view HHC and pharmacy specific forms

    • CLICK HERE to submit a Documentation Support Ticket


  • Visit Documentation should be submitted within 48 hours of the visit.

  • Visit confirmation via Teams (from the Care Coordination staff) will include a link with specific instructions for required documentation for that visit.

    • If you are not sent this information, please ask.

    • Compensation for each visit is dependent upon accurate and timely submission of documentation per these instructions.


  • Admission visits should be no less than 1 hour of visit time.

  • Follow-up visits should be no less than 30 minutes of visit time.

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